Aviation and

military technologies

10 years of experience

Partnership with manufacturing companies.

Strong ties in the aviation and military markets

Organizing repair work

The TDS company provides for the customer the organization of repair work for aviation equipment of various types

Service maintenance

The TDS Company also organizes maintenance of aviation equipment

Assembly and supply of spare parts for airplanes and helicopters

Thanks to long-term and effective cooperation with aircraft manufacturers, TDS Company

supplies customers with spare parts for aircraft and helicopters on the most favorable terms

Overhaul of aircraft engines and their component units

The TDS company provides for the customer the organization of work on the overhaul of aircraft engines, individual components and assemblies

Provide military equipment

At the request of the customer, TDS Company can arrange the supply of a wide range military equipment

International Cooperation

TDS LTD  traditionally maintains friendly relations and trusted partnership with governmental institutions, army and police forces commands from all over the world

Organization of training events

By agreement with the customer, TDS Company can organize training, retraining, advanced training of the customer’s employees

System engineering and project management

Technical assistance and technology transfer

Our benefits

Having many years of experience in military-technical cooperation with foreign countries, TDS Company provides the customer with the best offer in terms of price, product quality and delivery terms

Quality materials

Products offered to customers are made of innovative materials in a modern technological process

Professional production

All production facilities are licensed and have international product quality certificates

Proprietary software

All high-tech products are supplied with proprietary high-security software

Competitive price

All products are provided with competitive prices and the most favorable terms of delivery

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